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  Member User Name Age Occupation Available From
Experienced Caretaker/Property Manager
[detail] Gold Nomad55 62 Caretaker/Estate Manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Basic carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical skills, preventative maintenance, security, one hundred ton captain, cdl licensed, housekeeping, self motivated, conscientious, flexible, professional and discreet, honest and dependable, office and computer skills,
Preferences: rural, mountains, rockies, vacation property homes, estates, ranches and lodges
Phone (435) 459-9570 -
Hardworking Husband and Wife Team
[detail] Gold Honestcaretakers 49 Domestic couple,Estate Mgrs Apr 3, 2019
Skills & Experience: handyman, baking , cooking, carpentry, painting, mechanical, plumbing and electrical, animal care, ranch
Preferences: seasonal jobs, estates, boating, homesteads, ranches, Formal House, Formal Butler
Phone (678) 995-8619 -
Experienced Property Caretaker for large estates with thirty years exp.
[detail] Gold ddsherm 64 CARETAKER/ESTATE MANAGER Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, horses, cattle, ranch, ranch work, fencing, carpentry,
Preferences: estates, homes, farms, ranches, horse jobs
Cell 3524252800
Hardworking individual to compliment your ranch or estate!
[detail] Gold stef28 44 self employed Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: horses, horse jobs, cattle, ranch work, fencing, ranch, home maintenance, barn management, caretakers, cooking, construction building , livestock maintenance, pets, ranch hands, foaling care, caretaking, gardening, livestock, lawn maintenance, landscaping
Preferences: skills in various trades, horse jobs, ranch jobs, farms, ranches, state foress, parks, lodges, any
Phone (605) 440-7364 -
Experienced management couple seeking employment
[detail] Gold jackielegault 66 RV/MHP Managers Sep 1, 2019
Skills & Experience: Front office, management, landscaping, ground maintenance, property caretakers, resort jobs, summer jobs, computer literate, office work, reservations, drive heavy machinery, horses, farm animals,
Preferences: Property management, caretakers, estates, homes, ranch jobs, seasonal jobs, winter jobs, rv parks, lodges, motels, resorts, plantations, bed and breakfasts, nature retreats, camps, boarding kennels, historic homes, summer jobs
Phone (407) 595-1863 -
Experienced Facility Manager / Maintenance Supervisor
[detail] Gold rikkgagnon 56 facility estate manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Handyman, Maintenance, Supervisor, Groundskeepingtering
Preferences: homesteads, estates, camps, historic homes, schools, lodges, resorts
Cell 5704174887
Ranching/Business couple retired, seeking long term caretaker positions
[detail] Gold GeorgeBass 76 Ranch / Property Mgr Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: ranch, estate and or development property caretakers, managers
Preferences: ranch, farm, parks, forests, trails, property, remote location
Phone (760) 977-6502 (928) 592-3427 Cell 9285923427
Experienced mechanic/equipment operator, handyman, diverse background
[detail] Gold jschuller 51 Fleet Manager/ mechanic Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: mechanical maintenance, equipment operator, building maintenance, horse care, caretakers, snow plowing, ranch jobs, property management, road maintenance, grounds maintenance
Preferences: resorts, ranch jobs, estates, camps, seasonal jobs, snow jobs, state forests, national parks, homes, lodges, nature retreats, maintenance, lake river property
Cell 9704859299
Looking for full time caretaker position
[detail] Gold deanjones 60 Builder/carpenter Dec 15, 2018
Skills & Experience: Fencing, gardening, horses, home maintenance, construction, mechanical
Preferences: estate manager, property caretakers, resorts, ranches, parks, homesteads
Phone (804) 815-0662 -
Ret. Marine seeking Caretaker position, off grid o.k.
[detail] Gold collinbass 44 marine, police,executive prot Mar 4, 2019
Skills & Experience: caretaker, United States Marine, Chauffeur, Executive Protection, dog training, innkeepers, property management, retreats, remote, secluded, hunter, outdoor enthusiast, offgrid
Preferences: nature retreats, homesteads, estates, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, hostels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, resorts, historic homes, offgrid
Phone (928) 203-6336 - Cell 9282036336
Lifetime experienced creative married ranch couple desire ranch to caretake
[detail] Gold V7ranchcouple 75 cowboy artisan Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: ranch management, property caretakers, guest ranch, cattle ranch, horse farm, horse ranch, horse training, horse trainers, ranch chores, ranch hand, ranch work, ranch caretaker, driving horses, mustangs, horse management, retreat
Preferences: United States
Phone (928) 684-4539 (805) 245-9319
Experienced property caretaker /Buildings,grounds maintenance specialist
[detail] Gold doalldave 54 property caretaker/manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Estate caretaker, Grounds keeper, Remodeling, Home Improvements subcontractor
Preferences: private estate property caretaker, Maintenance tech, Home and grounds supervisor
Phone (828) 675-5733 - Cell 8286755733
Couple looking for permanent animal/outdoor related position
[detail] Gold dharrison 36 Financial Manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: accounting, barn management, fencing, property managers, ranch management, sole charge, horse training, off grid, animal, management skills, cooking, equipment operation, equine, maintenance, electrical
Preferences: year round jobs, ranches, homesteads, ranch jobs, horse jobs, permanent jobs, management, caretakers, resorts, bed and breakfast, nature retreat, ecological preserves
Horse Wrangler, Guide, w/ carpentry and construction skills; Caretaker Couple
[detail] Gold delgado 64 Caretaker,Horse wrangler,Guide Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: horses, horse wrangler, trail guide, tourism, caretaking, carpentry, maintenance, other construction skills, english, spanish
Preferences: horse jobs, tourism, resorts, retreats, seasonal jobs, homes, caretaking, southwest, mexico, costa rica, latin america
Cell 8024908056
Looking for Right Situation/Property Caretaker/Estate Manager
[detail] Gold asm603 58 self employed Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers and estate managers
Preferences: Farms, Homes, Estates
Phone (603) 934-3042 -
electrician/handyman. References. Honest. Reliable.Veteran.
[detail] Gold rimohai 67 retired electrical contractor Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: resident caretaker
Preferences: estates, resorts, lodges, ranches,
Phone (808) 755-5719 -
[detail] Gold JeffsPetPropertySvs 57 Pet & Property Security Svs. Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: administrative, animals, book keeping, caretakers, chauffeur, chef, clerical, grounds maintenance, handyman, personal assistant, masseur, housekeeping, house sitting, maintenance, managers, office, party planning, pets, property, rural, security, supervisors, wildlife
Preferences: animals, bednbreakfast, camps, cemeteries, ecological preserves, estates, farms, game keeper, game warden, haunted homes, lighthouses, lodges, marinas, nature retreats, parks, private homes, resorts, rural estates, RV parks, sanctuaries, state forests, wildlife preserves
Phone (810) 429-4123 - Cell 8104294123
Many years as Caretaker, Property Manager and Maintenance Manager
[detail] Gold eaggleman47 66 maintenance/caretaker Dec 13, 2018
Phone (720) 376-5318 - Cell 7203765318
Caretaker Available
[detail] Gold drmwvr 64 semi-retired/property manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, Colorado
Preferences: Hawaii
Phone (970) 379-1021 - Mobile 9703791021
Mature married caretaker couple with fourteen+ yrs. experience
[detail] Gold Stoneoak 65 jack of all trades/caretaker Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, ranches, ranch work, brush hogging, fencing, home maintenance, welding, metal working, mechanics, farming, haying, farm equipment, pools, plumbing, computer skills, pesticides, fertilizers, hunting lodges
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, campgrounds, nudist camps, resorts, nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, boarding naturist retreats, lodges, plantations, historic homes, caravan parks, rv parks
Certified Equine Massage Therapist looking for horse sitting jobs
[detail] Gold Dustyroads 72 Retired Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Horses, seasonal jobs
Preferences: Horse sitting, house sitting
Phone (503) 928-0689 - Mobile 5039280689
Experienced Remote Location Caretaker
[detail] Gold 1lawrence 66 retired env administrator Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: excellent customer service, general maintenance, cattle and horse care, carpentry, gardning, basic vet care, grounds keeping, security, accounting, customer service,
Preferences: estates, off the grid ranch, resorts, ranches, kennels, parks, ecological jobs, property caretaker
Phone (707) 972-0891 - Mobile 7079720891
25+ years experience managing, caretaking Estate/Farm/Ranch and Lodges
[detail] Gold Cocadori 50 Estate/Farm/Ranch/Lodge/Mgr/CT Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Ranch Management, Estate Management, Farm Management, Business, Lodge Management, Sales, Maintenance, Livestock, Hay, Farming, Irrigation, Equipment Operation
Preferences: Ranch, Estate, Ranch Manager, Caretaker, Guest Ranch, Guest ranch Manager, Horse, , Estate, Estate Management
Mobile 2069496511
Mature, high energy (f) looking for live-in service oriented work
[detail] Gold karenhetzer 67 housekeeping/artist May 1, 2019
Skills & Experience: cleaning, cooking, general all around help, art craft lessons
Preferences: bed and breakfast, small resorts, campgrounds, lodges, ranches, accommodations a must
Responsible, experienced , mature international educator
[detail] Gold Barndude 70 Dept of Defense Teacher Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: farm sitting, house sitting, horses, sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, pet care
Preferences: farms, ranches, villas, resorts, horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, farm animals, rural
Phone (913) 249-8007 (913) 764-8027 Mobile 9132498007
Property Caretaker,Hotel/ B&B or Personal/Family Assistant/Care Giver
[detail] Gold meshabaldwin 49 Property Manager/PA Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Home Stay, Bed and Breakfast, Gift Shop, Cooking and Baking, Book Keeping , Budgeting, painting , light plumbing, some electrical, some fencing, light to medium repairs, pet care farm and home, gardening, child care Just ask
Preferences: Ranch Cook, Nature Retreats , Bed breakfasts, Resorts, Camps, Homes, Hostels, Lodges, RV Parks, Historic Homes, Vacation Property, Home Sitting, Property Sitting, Boarding Kennels
Phone (816) 698-6470 - Cell 8166986470
Experianced,home maint,repair,landscaping,supervision of multiple employees
[detail] Gold cmour99 57 Supervisor/Repair/home maint. Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: handyman, grounds maintenance, management skills, roofing, landscaping
Preferences: Open to all offers and willing to relocate
Phone (330) 931-7472 - Cell 3309317472
Integrity and Honesty - Talented Ranch Manager - Caretaker Available
[detail] Gold HorseTracker 62 Ranch Manager - Caretaker Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Extensive exerience and outstanding service, Ranch Manager, Horse Trainer, VIP and Ranch Protective Services, Cattleman, Off Grid, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Guest Services, Self-sufficiency, Sustainability, Boating, Sailing
Preferences: working ranch, estate, vacant ranch, wilderness, horses, cattle, sustainability, protective services
Phone (719) 221-1819 -
Can and Will do the Job with Great Attitude
[detail] Gold towrush 55 Semi retired business owner Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: caretaker, property caretakers, property managers, ranch managers, ranch caretakers, mechanical, household managers, grounds maintenance, handyman, maintenance, cooking, cleaning, auto repair, plumbing
Preferences: ranches, farms, estates, parks, rv parks, resorts
Phone (720) 283-8485 -
Rest Assured! Fantastic Caretaker at your service!
[detail] Gold zenken 52 writer/ wellness consultant Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Handyman, gardening, fitness trainer life coach, writer
Preferences: Estates, homes, ranch, resorts
Mobile 9492017589
Honest, reliable, excellent with upkeep and repair and security
[detail] Gold pkoyle 56 Ranch Manager,Caretaker Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Cattle and Horse Ranch manager, Caretaker - excellent
Reliable/Dependable-Self Starter looking for caretaking opportunities
[detail] Gold sxt2000 50 Retired Manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Organizational, Computer, Care Taking,
Preferences: resorts, bed and breakfasts, nature retreats, estate, state parks, forestes, preserves, historic homes, lodges, rv parks
Phone (610) 270-5526 -
Experienced Live-in Caretaker for Elderly Gentleman
[detail] Gold CaretakerRon51 65 Retired Remodeler Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Caretaker, Handyman, Home Maintenance, Gardening, House Sitting, Pet Sitting, Travel Companion
Preferences: Homes, Homesteads, Travel Companion
Caretakers Available for Property, Home, and Animals
[detail] Gold sbrodersen 54 Veteran,Home Care, Animal Care Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, some horse experience, willing to learn cattle ranching, fencing, home maintenance, some spanish, innkeepers, bed and breakfasts, resort management, animal care, cooking, chef
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, hunting lodges, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, farms, homesteads, estates, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, hostels, boarding kennels, lodges, plantations, historic homes
Phone (912) 655-2169 -
Professional Married Caretaking Team
[detail] Gold DavisProCaretaker 60 Professional Care Taker Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: property, airplane hangars, caretakers, estate managers, boats, marina, airplane, pilot, yachts, cooking, maintenance, ranch, honest, responsible, professional, lodges, off the grid, remote
Preferences: property manager, nature, off of the grid, estates, estate homes, vacation rentals, resorts, retreats, remote, plantations, managing staff
Phone (407) 443-1856 (907) 512-5038 Mobile 4074431856
Experienced Certified Household/Property Manager/Or Caretaker Team
[detail] Gold tebuder 61 Property Management Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: construction, driving, spanish, college grad, certified Household Manager , ranch work, couples, caretakers, childcare, drivers license, cooking, couple, willing to relocate, equestrian, equine, dogs, horses,
Preferences: states, homes, ranch jobs, horse jobs, nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, estates, homes, ecological preserves, state forests, resorts, plantations, historic homes
Phone (417) 838-4451 - Cell 4178384451
Can handle from property to office
[detail] Gold cferguson 55 horticulturist Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: run back hoe tractors bobcat snow plows Handyman eletric plumbing and carpentry
Phone (502) 295-2679 -
Mature retired couple,excellent skills that work well with caretaking
[detail] Gold aethyrring 76 retired contractor,former DOD, Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: horse management, equipment operator, equipment Maint, home building, masonry, solar design, boat building, commercial driving, landscaping, snow removal, dock building, sales management, aircraft maint, we have each delivered multy million dollar cont international
Preferences: estats, ranch, horse, farms, parks, camps, lodges, rv parks, state parks, national parks, seasonal jobs, hunting lodges
Phone (904) 705-4500 - Mobile 9047054500
Former Marine has thirteen years as private estate manager/Experienced handyman
[detail] Gold CplArnold_1961 55 Estate Manager/ Caretaker Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, resort management, handyman, ranch management, grounds keeping, ranbch, property manager, facilities maintenance
Preferences: estates, farms, ranches, plantations, parks, homes, ranch jobs
Phone (314) 825-8144 -
Experienced farm manager/natural resource manager/livestock breeder
[detail] Gold JeffandBindyBass 45 Biologist/Farm/Orchard Mgr Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Hawaii
Preferences: farms, ranches, homesteads, ecological preserves, organic farm, parks, plantations, exotic animal farms,
Mobile 8086333087
Experienced customer service couple with full availability and handy skills
[detail] Gold Hheinrich59 58 Coach, realtor, caretaker Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: MT
Preferences: MT
Phone (406) 890-1888 - Mobile 4068901888
jack of all trades, experience with excahave a way of understanding with animals
[detail] Gold steven62 56 equip. oper. / land caretaker Jan 30, 2019
Skills & Experience: out doors man , land , livestock , heavy equipment operation,
Preferences: estates horse camps State forests hunting leases ecological preserve Land security
Phone (985) 297-1977 - Cell 9852971977
Couple seeks estate, ranch, home, house management position
[detail] Gold sailordon2014 58 Resort Manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: resort management, all technology, budgeting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, cooking, cleaning, gardening, spanish
Preferences: ranch, estates, lodges, animals, farming, gardening, nature, spanish, computers, maintenance, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, cooking
Phone (409) 330-5055 -
Retired facilities and property manager looking for estate property to manage
[detail] Gold hockeyboard13 64 retired facilities manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: building repairs, security, electrical, plumbing, tiling, painting, cats, dogs, computer skills, fencing, handyman, property caretaking, innkeeper, renovating,
Preferences: estates, homes, lodges, historic homes, horse barns, homesteads,
Phone (802) 598-4024 (802) 598-4024 Cell 8025984024
Craftsman and Construction Professional and Business owner Wife...
[detail] Gold carpenterrod 52 project manager, builder Jan 1, 2019
Skills & Experience: Project management, classroom and distance learning professional, small business owner, self employed, professional and DISCREET
Preferences: estates, ranch, gardening, resorts, natural settings, islands, forested lands, desert dry lands, water front, wooded, summer or winter
Phone (231) 590-2200 (231) 590-8585
Trustworthy Caretaker Available
[detail] Gold thompetty1 59 former property manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: light carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, landscaping and gardening, pool care, pet care, small engine maintenance, record keeping, scheduling, general property maintenance
Preferences: private estate, home, ranch, will consider seasonal
Phone (813) 455-5437 -
Seeking Estate/ Farm/ Property/ Facilities/ Grounds Manager position
[detail] Gold veggie_vehicle 48 Buildings and grounds manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, horses, cattle, ranch, ranch work, fencing, home maintenance, english, german, innkeepers, bed and breakfasts, resort management, childcare, gardening, farming, pruning, driving, mechanics, chainsawing, chainsaws, retreat, centers
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, farms, orchards, resorts, nature, outdoors, camps, plantations, ecological, parks, forests, seasonal, fulltime,
Phone (413) 717-1225 - Mobile +14137171225
A passion to serve
[detail] Gold TheReeds 43 Management Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Innkeepers, lodges, bed and breakfasts, b and bs, caretakers
Preferences: Bed and breakfasts, lodges, retreats, resorts, innkeepers
Phone (813) 403-4315 -
Experienced Caretaker and Manager
[detail] Gold CRUSH123 58 Management Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Management, Property Caretaker, Computer Literate, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Several years experience in tourism
Preferences: Estates, Lodges, Bed and Breakfasts, Farms , Ranches, RV Parks
Honest, kind gentleman- 20 yrs plus w Bldg Trades, mechanical, & grounds skills
[detail] Gold visser 60 BLDG.Trades, Mech, Agriculture Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: security, building trades, management, travel, estate management, farming, animal care, cows, horse, ranching, camps, caretaker, rv parks,
Preferences: Farming, ranch, spiritual, fincas estates, parks, forest, resorts, retreats, camps, homes, cabins, animals , villa, travel, escort, security
Phone (607) 873-2233 - Mobile 573042096805
Dynamic, Diverse Background, Skills & Cultural Experiences (couple)
[detail] Gold rsteveng 60 Education consultant/leadershi Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: animal management, health care, bed and breakfasts, education, counseling, young people, car, equip mtce, management, gardening, wildlife-game exp, landscaping, household mtce repairs, ranch exp, health care exp, many diverse skills and multicultural exp
Preferences: Prefer strong outdoor component, multitasking, multiple responsibilities, remote or nature area ideal, apply and contribute diverse background, skills and cultural awareness to developing and maintaining place
Retired USAF CMSgt seeks remote property Caretaking employment
[detail] Gold ShadowMan 68 Retired Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Mechanical repairs, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, automotive and aircraft repairs, driving, cleaning, grounds maintenance, security, pets, supervising, and tractor operation
Preferences: Remote property
Phone (717) 865-6979 (717) 982-1922 Cell 7179821922
couple with beef cattle and property care taking experience
[detail] Gold JLToler 49 farmer. landscaper.caretakers Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: cattle farm care take couple
Preferences: ranch farm
Cell 3524404063
Husband & Wife Caretaker/Management Team
[detail] Gold jkumpik 42 Parts specialist Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: agriculture, animal management, automotive repairs, managers, book keeping, grounds maintenance, property caretakers, building repairs, handyman, rv, management skills,
Preferences: homes, small farms, homesteads, state parks, campgrounds
Cell 2294123101
Retired Younger couple (Jack and Jill of all trades, love animals, gardening
[detail] Gold Antnee 64 Retired business owner Dec 13, 2018
Cell 5202475052
Caretaker, Operator, ranch manager
[detail] Gold blkhorse2 64 Blacksmith,retired builder Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Management, property development , restoration construction, equipment operator, animal care
Preferences: Eugene
Phone (541) 9006-9006 (541) 9006-9006 Fax (541) 9006-541 Mobile 5415209006
Retired teacher with maintenance skills and security skills
[detail] Gold red951 60 Teacher, Camp Ranger, Handyman Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, camp maintenance, summer jobs, ranch jobs, resort jobs, home maintenance, computer skills, painting, passport
Preferences: Estates, Homes, Ranches, resorts, camps, parks, plantations, summer jobs, schools, rv parks, seasonal jobs
Phone (540) 632-1401 -
Experienced Property/Facility Maintenance Technician
[detail] Gold Flintncaplock 63 Maintenance Director Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, building maintenance, rental vacation property maintenance, landscaping security vehicle maintenance and repair small engine repair
Preferences: estates, resorts, retreats, lodges, historic homes, camps, full time, permanant job
Phone (541) 678-1208 - Cell 5416781208
Self Motivated Hard worker looking for a change of pace and atmosphere
[detail] Gold Nunderwood81 34 General Contractor Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: carpentry, plumbing, landscaping, gardening, animal care, fencing, home maintenance, management skils
Preferences: ranch, farm, resorts, nature retreat, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, plantations, summer jobs, seasonal jobs
experienced caretaker
[detail] Gold rayblevins 68 retired plumber Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: experienced property caretakers
Preferences: any caretaking job with accomadations
Phone (435) 236-9925 - Cell 4352369925
Experienced Young Hard Working Couple
[detail] Gold TheBestWorkingCouple 47 Property Manager Aug 1, 2019
Skills & Experience: Managment, property caretakers, housekeeping, ranch work, some equine experience, maintenance, cooking, guest services, spanish, computer skills, gardening, groundskeeping, fast learners, no children, no pets
Preferences: resorts, homes, estates, property management jobs, lodges,
Cell 5098289393
Mature, responsible retiree seeking caretaker position
[detail] Gold treydoug 65 Retired Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Animal and pet care, gardens and landscape management, book keeping, caretaker, cooking and cleaning, computer, small equipment operator, household management, long term house sitting, driving and errands, management skills and experience
Preferences: Prefer established properties, rural and peaceful surroundings, pet friendly and private accommodations All would be considered however
Phone (928) 778-5359 (928) 499-9414
Semi-Retired Engineer, Responsible, Communicative, Neat, Still Working
[detail] Gold briancare 81 retired executive very active Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Engineer, Retired Executive, Responsible, Computer Literate, Non-Smoker, Reliable, Independent Health Insurance Agent
Preferences: Homes, Estates, Historic Homes, Carriage Houses, Condos, Townhomes
Phone (720) 273-7427 - Cell 7202737427
Estate manager, caretaker, ranch manager...hands-on
[detail] Gold Haveskillwilltravel 65 Estate manager,caretaker Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Caretakers, estate managers, ranch manager, construction
Preferences: estates, resorts, ranches, farms
Married couple with extensive ranch care experience
[detail] Gold steveleicel 58 Ranch Hand/Caretaker/Off.Mgr. Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: agriculture, animal management, barn management, bed and breakfasts, caretakers, household managers, grounds maintenance, horse jobs
Preferences: TX-Texas, FL - Florida ranch, island
Phone (512) 657-7721 (432) 291-3389 Mobile 5126577721
Energetic couple with wide range of experience looking for caretaking position
[detail] Gold AudRob 24 Gardener/landscaper/housekeepi Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Caretakers, managers, maintenance, landscaping, gardening, childcare, animals, horses, bookkeeping, housekeeping, farming, couple, cleaning
Preferences: Estates, homes, farms, ranch, bed breakfasts, homestead, horses, gardens, grounds, nature
Honest, Hard-Working, Dedicated Couple for Caretaking Position
[detail] Gold Photolover326 51 Utilization Testing Associate Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Caretakers, ranch, childcare, gardening, home maintenance, organization, customer service, animal lovers, photography, computer skills,
Preferences: Home, Ranch, nature retreats, homestead, board kennels, lighthouses, camps, resorts,
Cell 8015730082
Quiet Yoga Teacher
[detail] Gold Michon56 53 Yoga teacher Dec 13, 2018
Preferences: Estates, ranch jobs, nature retreats, ecological preserves,
Phone (916) 690-0836 - Cell 9166900836
Professional Estate Manager/Housekeeper/Rental Host with thirty years experience
[detail] Gold YourShiningStar 55 Estate Manager/Caretaker/Host Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Property managers, house managers, caretakers, innkeepers, chefs, gardeners, cleaners, resort management, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, hosts, housekeepers, housesitters, equestrian, lakes, lodges, oceanfronts, beaches, estates, landscapers, pets
Preferences: Estates, homes, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, lodges, lakes, oceanfront, waterfronts, longterm, beaches, vacation rentals, ranches, hot springs, eco retreats, islands, managers, caretakers, pets, yoga, vegetarian, holistic, artistic, aloha
Phone (808) 209-6110 - Mobile 8082096110
[detail] Gold lisab6826 45 Executive Assistant Dec 13, 2018
Cell 5183783367
Exceptional couple!!Property caretaker,Mgmt,Chef & Landscaping experience
[detail] Gold mmolello 60 Bldg Resident Mgr Caretaker Jan 15, 2019
Skills & Experience: Resident Mgr caretakers, previous owners Airbnb, landscaping, mgmt, Chef, cleaning, handyman, property Mgmt experience
Preferences: Full time, Estates, Inns, Bed and Breakfasts, housing communities, retreats
Cell 7203501793
Experienced Handyman & Construction Business Owner Seeking Property Caretaking J
[detail] Gold Solidrock2000 51 Handyman Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Property Caretaker, Handyman, Property Manager
Cell 7155584147
Experienced, Dependable Caretaker
[detail] Gold darcita 38 Writer Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: innkeepers, dude ranches, spanish, french, housekeepers, cooking, horse experience, gardening, bed and breakfasts, farming, farms
Preferences: homes, ranch jobs, horse jobs, bed and breakfasts, lodges, historic homes, camps, state forests, state parks, hostels,
Phone (415) 244-5228 -
Trustworthy & hardworking caretaker/ caregiver loving the journey
[detail] Gold MJlivenlove 44 caretaker, caregiver, coach Dec 13, 2018
Experienced Couple Grounds & Building and animal caretaking
[detail] Gold Travelologist 30 Biologist Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: boats, builders, carpenters, cats, computer skills, couples, dogs, masonry, management skills, maintenance, lawn mowers, landscaping, housesitters, painting, gardens, pets, security, supervisor, tours, tractors, woodworking, yard work
Preferences: animal management, house sitting caravan parks, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forest, parks, boarding kennels, plantations, historic homes, winter jobs, summer jobs, ranch hands, property caretakers, orchards, ranchers, farmers
Cell 8044366646
Mature Female Organized and Tidy Homemaker offering TLC on your Property
[detail] Gold mlavelle17 58 property caretaker Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Cleaning, driving, English speaking, gardener, house sitting, housekeeper, laundry, retreats, management, yard work
Phone (304) 359-1328 -
Experienced grounds and building caretaker, ex army cavalry scout
[detail] Gold cavalryscout1996 46 engineer, cavalryscout ranger Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: carpentry, electrical, plumbing, Heavy equipenment, landscaping,
Preferences: caretaker, hunting fishing club or
Phone (309) 620-1210 -
Avid Gardener, Experienced Animal Care
[detail] Gold Onthejob4us 63 Retired Agriculturist Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: gardener, animal husbandry, cook, computer literate, organized, neat, compassionate, sailor, teacher, cashier, sales, equestrian, private pilot, safe driver,
Preferences: CA
Phone (623) 882-5606 - Cell 6238825606
Retired Engineer, Project Manager, General Operations Manager & Sales Manager
[detail] Gold cheryetc 56 Retired Engineer & GM Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Landscaping, Gardener, Remodeling, Design, Carpentry, Light Plumbing, Electrical, Home Maintenance, Outdoor Maintenance, Management, Purchasing, Inventory, Ranch, Ranch Work, Cattle, Horses, Dogs, Animals, Fencing, Childcare, Special Needs, Camping
Preferences: Resorts, Camps, Lodges, Nature Retreats, Ranches, Farms, Bed and Breakfast, Parks, Forests, Beaches, RV Parks, Homes, Estates, Wildlife Preserves, Ecological
Mobile 2094962017
married couple experienced with property management and personal care
[detail] Gold richhiggins 70 Retired CPA, Customs Broker Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: healthy, fit, well organized, non smokers, organized, self starters
Property Caretaker Couple
[detail] Gold Lstrom7911 34 Property caretaker Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Property caretaker, cattle, maintenance, certified journeyman electrician, plumbing, resort management, cook, backhoe operation, landscaping,
Phone (916) 233-6717 -
Experienced, Smart and Diligent, Flexible, Independent.
[detail] Gold terilovesbanjo 51 Caretaker - General Manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Gardening, Housekeeping, Animal Care, Cooking, Grounds Maintenance, Administration, Customer Service
Preferences: farms, animals, vegetables, garden, music, art, cabin, pet care, housesitting
Mobile 4134263921
Retired Business Executive and also Builder, Carpenter with most Trades
[detail] Gold jimstrecker 65 Retired... Very Experienced Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: management skills, computer skills, construction, rv, property management, property caretakers,
Preferences: Homesteads, Parks, Camps, RV Parks, Resorts, Historic, farms, ranches
Phone (636) 633-2703 -
Caretaker - Animal/Property
[detail] Gold Jacquelineerne 32 Veterinary Tech/Farm Caretaker Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Manager, Ranch, Farm, Fencing, Animals, Mechanical, Labor, Resort Manager, Kennel Manager, Horses, d
Preferences: Reserves, Ranches, Farms, Remote, Wilderness
Phone (214) 733-4803 - Cell 2147334803
Intelligent, strong, hard worker seeking a simpler way of life
[detail] Gold Than_McCoy1127 33 Chef Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: animal management, automotive repair, building, building repairs, car maintenance, chef, cleaning, construction, dogs, driving, farming, garden, gardening, handyman, house sitting, housekeeper, lawn maintenance, landscape, pets, property caretaker, caretaker, cooking,
Jack of all trades
[detail] Gold Jackofalltrades37 37 Property Manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: caretakers, maintenance
Preferences: estates, homes, camps
Mature Couple Seeking Caretaking Opportunity
[detail] Gold sunchokes 47 farmer Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: agriculture, animal management, barn management, carpentry, garden maintenance, grounds keeping, livestock, pets, property management, supervising, vegetable gardens
Preferences: farms, ranches, homesteads
Permanent Caretaker Position Wanted
[detail] Gold dmbell 63 apartment manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: gardening, supervising staff, refurbishing projects, horses, animal care
Preferences: permanent position, part-time, am flexible as to employment situation, would prefer flexible work hours as opposed to a rigid schedule
Phone (951) 588-7689 -
Experienced Stable Owner/Manager looking for live on farm position
[detail] Gold HorseLovinLala 40 Horse Trainer/Stable Manager Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Horse Farm Manager
Preferences: horse, ranch, horse boarding
Responsible Caretaker
[detail] Gold mandal54 65 Maintence Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Light Plumbing, Electrical, constructing, mechanical, and landscape maintenance
Preferences: Handyman, Home Inspector, Disaster Inspector
[detail] Gold Caretakers1and2_2017 52 Self employed Dec 13, 2018
Experienced House sitter, Guardian, Estate Manager, Caregiver for Female
[detail] Gold kk7ray 56 Care guardian Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: caregivers, disabled person care, guardian, admin, property management, house sitting, historic homes, dogs, drivers license,
Preferences: Estates, homes, ranches, retreats, resorts, dog ok, beaches, parks, canyons, care jobs
Phone (253) 414-4296 -
Responsible Caring Teacher
[detail] Gold takeittothelimit 57 Retired Teacher Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: book keeping, caregiving, cooking, driving, gardening, household management, housesitting, management skills, nanny, babysitting, retreat center experience, teacher, tutor, yard work, cpr training
Preferences: NJ
Phone (908) 759-7422 (908) 759-7422 Fax (908) 759-908 Cell 9087597422
Hardworking couple with years of experience in many fields.
[detail] Gold Prideinourwork 40 Landscaper/fitness instructor Dec 13, 2018
Mobile 2072462400
Hard-working couple seeking caretaking opportunities
[detail] Gold mychaelandmorgan 30 cabinet maker / writer Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: cabinetry, woodworking, light carpentry, IT, gardening, lawn maintenance, cooking, cleaning, animals
Preferences: resorts, nature retreats, ecological preserves, state forests, parks, resorts, camps, bed and breakfasts, estates, homes, lodges,
Estate/Business/Property Managment Solutions
[detail] Gold Bill_Alton 67 Commercial Real Estate Dec 13, 2018
Skills & Experience: Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Extensive Real Estate Proficiencies, Accounting Skills, Medical Services, Management Expertise
Preferences: Completing Complex Tasks
Phone (727) 742-1151 - Fax (727) 683-9886 Cell 7277421151
Don't let my age fool you...I'm healthy, energetic and multi talented
[detail] Trial CaretakerNancy 56 Admin Assist/Scheduler Jan 1, 2011
Skills & Experience: AP, AR, Payroll, caretaking, caregiving, computer skills, some construction, management skills, executive housekeeping skills, payroll exp, medical background
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, animals, bb, nature retreats, farms, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forest and parks, lodges, historic homes, caravan parks, wildlife preserves
Twenty plus years Estate Manager
[detail] Trial dmarsh 46 Estate Manager Apr 27, 2011
Skills & Experience: Manager, construction, boats, horses, estate, housekeeping, events, SmartHome, cattle, garden, vehicles, child, pet, care, special needs, security
[detail] Trial pauljc3 61 skillcraftsman Jun 7, 2013
Skills & Experience: skillcraftsman
Preferences: skillcraftsman
[detail] Trial charmer 49 Quality Assurance inspector Sep 23, 2013