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  Member User Name Age Occupation Available From
Experienced Caretaker/Property Manager
[detail] Gold Nomad55 62 Caretaker/Estate Manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Basic carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical skills, preventative maintenance, security, one hundred ton captain, cdl licensed, housekeeping, self motivated, conscientious, flexible, professional and discreet, honest and dependable, office and computer skills,
Preferences: rural, mountains, rockies, vacation property homes, estates, ranches and lodges
Phone (435) 459-9570 -
Hardworking Husband and Wife Team
[detail] Gold Honestcaretakers 49 Domestic couple,Estate Mgrs Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: handyman, baking , cooking, carpentry, painting, mechanical, plumbing and electrical, animal care, ranch
Preferences: seasonal jobs, estates, boating, homesteads, ranches, Formal House, Formal Butler
Phone (678) 995-8619 -
Experienced Property Caretaker for large estates with thirty years exp.
[detail] Gold ddsherm 64 CARETAKER/ESTATE MANAGER Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, horses, cattle, ranch, ranch work, fencing, carpentry,
Preferences: estates, homes, farms, ranches, horse jobs
Cell 3524252800
Couple seeking Change
[detail] Gold moso1990 61 production supervisor Feb 23, 2018
Phone (336) 798-1545 - Cell 3362077024
Metaphysical couple seeks a place conducive to continued spiritual growth
[detail] Gold CaretakercoupleMM 55 metaphysical student Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Organic gardening, school counseling, teaching, bookkeeping, outdoor enthusiasts, homestead, housekeeping, grounds keeping, cleaning, yard work, composting, driving, water studies, tutor, special education, life skills
Preferences: homes, estates, nature retreats, hostels, lodges, long term
Ranching/Business couple retired, seeking long term caretaker positions
[detail] Gold GeorgeBass 76 Ranch / Property Mgr Jun 22, 2018
Skills & Experience: ranch, estate and or development property caretakers, managers
Preferences: ranch, farm, parks, forests, trails, property, remote location
Phone (760) 977-6502 (928) 592-3427 Cell 9285923427
Semi-retired property caretaker available for live in caretaking and security.
[detail] Gold ArtemusP 67 caretaker/handyman Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: caretaker, security, handyman
Preferences: estates, hobby farms, farms, wildlife preserves, retreats, camps, tree farms
Phone (570) 390-0465 -
Experienced mechanic/equipment operator, handyman, diverse background
[detail] Gold jschuller 51 Fleet Manager/ mechanic Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: mechanical maintenance, equipment operator, building maintenance, horse care, caretakers, snow plowing, ranch jobs, property management, road maintenance, grounds maintenance
Preferences: resorts, ranch jobs, estates, camps, seasonal jobs, snow jobs, state forests, national parks, homes, lodges, nature retreats, maintenance, lake river property
Cell 9704859299
Experienced Care Taker, Maintenance Lead/Property Manager, CDL
[detail] Gold alspine 58 Maintenance lead/Property Mgr, Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: caretakers, CDL, summer camps, campgrounds, resorts, horse ranches, innkeepers, motels, animals, spanish, estate, schools, outdoor education
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, camps, state forests, parks, caravan parks, rv parks
Phone (719) 371-5463 - Cell 7193715463
Ret. Marine seeking Caretaker position (remote preferred)
[detail] Gold collinbass 42 marine,Chauffeur,security spe Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: caretaker, United States Marine, Chauffeur, Executive Protection, dog training, innkeepers, property management, retreats, remote, secluded, hunter, outdoor enthusiast,
Preferences: nature retreats, homesteads, estates, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, hostels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, resorts, historic homes, snow jobs,
Phone (928) 203-6336 - Cell 9282036336
Professional experienced dependable couple with estate property mgmt background.
[detail] Gold lauraleebarrera 67 EstateManager_Caretaker Couple Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Estate Manager, _Property Caretakers
Preferences: Estates, Vacation Homes, Ranches
Phone (406) 889-7724 -
Experienced property caretaker /Buildings,grounds maintenance specialist
[detail] Gold doalldave 54 property caretaker/manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Estate caretaker, Grounds keeper, Remodeling, Home Improvements subcontractor
Preferences: private estate property caretaker, Maintenance tech, Home and grounds supervisor
Phone (828) 675-5733 - Cell 8286755733
Couple looking for permanent animal/outdoor related position
[detail] Gold dharrison 36 Financial Manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: accounting, barn management, fencing, property managers, ranch management, sole charge, horse training, off grid, animal, management skills, cooking, equipment operation, equine, maintenance, electrical
Preferences: year round jobs, ranches, homesteads, ranch jobs, horse jobs, permanent jobs, management, caretakers, resorts, bed and breakfast, nature retreat, ecological preserves
Looking for Right Situation/Property Caretaker/Estate Manager
[detail] Gold asm603 58 self employed Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers and estate managers
Preferences: Farms, Homes, Estates
Phone (603) 934-3042 -
Experienced Estate Manager, Caretaker, Maintenance or Property Manager
[detail] Gold Mhtjstrong 56 Estate Manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Estate Managers, property caretakers, maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, fine home care, drivers, housekeepers, animal care, Hard working, Reliable
Preferences: Estates, homes, ranches, parks, forests, private, farm, caretakers, Islands
Phone (440) 255-5211 -
Estate Manager/Caretaker Couple - Construction, Yacht, Landscape and Design Exp.
[detail] Gold markandlori 60 Estate Manager/Caretaker Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: carpentry, electrical, boat and yacht operation and maintenance, woodworking, inverters and large battery systems, solar, landscape design and maintenance, graphic and publication design, interior design, equipment repair, generator repair, maintenance
Preferences: estates, islands, ranches, resorts, homes, boats, yachts, gardening, systems
Phone (360) 298-5778 -
[detail] Gold JeffsPetPropertySvs 56 Pet & Property Security Svs. Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: administrative, animals, book keeping, caretakers, chauffeur, chef, clerical, grounds maintenance, handyman, personal assistant, masseur, housekeeping, house sitting, maintenance, managers, office, party planning, pets, property, rural, security, supervisors, wildlife
Preferences: animals, bed breakfast, camps, cemeteries, ecological preserves, estates, farms, game keeper, game warden, haunted homes, lighthouses, lodges, marinas, nature retreats, parks, private homes, resorts, rural estates, RV parks, sanctuaries, state forests, wildlife preserves
Phone (810) 625-0595 -
Many years as Caretaker, Property Manager and Maintenance Manager
[detail] Gold eaggleman47 66 maintenance/caretaker Feb 23, 2018
Phone (720) 376-5318 - Cell 7203765318
Caretaker Couple Available
[detail] Gold drmwvr 62 semi-retired/property manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Estate Managers, Caretakers, Horses, Driving, Ranch
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch, horse, resorts, lodges
Mature married caretaker couple with fourteen+ yrs. experience
[detail] Gold Stoneoak 65 jack of all trades/caretaker Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, ranches, ranch work, brush hogging, fencing, home maintenance, welding, metal working, mechanics, farming, haying, farm equipment, pools, plumbing, computer skills, pesticides, fertilizers, hunting lodges
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, campgrounds, nudist camps, resorts, nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, boarding naturist retreats, lodges, plantations, historic homes, caravan parks, rv parks
Mature married couple seeking ranch/estate to manage
[detail] Gold TajMahal 63 builder, caretaker Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, horses, game farms, home maintenance, bed and breakfasts, resort managers, estate managers
Preferences: estates, farms, ranches, bed and breakfasts
Phone (231) 883-4696 -
Well Educated, Reliable, Hospitable, and Mature Married Couple
[detail] Gold bethj97801 44 Hospitality/Customer Service Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Capeco Cook, Salvation Army Administrative Assistant, Receptionist at the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce, Student Records Clerk, Switchboard officer, Art Gallery Assistant, Professional Math Tutor-multiple contracts, cleaning cooking dogs kids young adults
Preferences: Estate, Resort, Bed and Breakfast, Lodges
Phone (541) 612-3700 (541) 377-0292 Cell 5413770292
Experienced Management/Caretaker, Ranch, Lodge, Estates
[detail] Gold tkerns 67 Farming/ranching, resort devel Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Resort maintenance, equipment operator, mechanic, landscaping
Preferences: ranch job, bed and breakfast, estates
Phone (541) 420-6568 -
Experienced animal handler and property maintenance
[detail] Gold Powder8888 60 Farm manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Farm manager, Barn manager, Estate caretaker, Caretaker, horse jobs, horse, equine, animal management, landscape management, flowers gardening, vegetable gardening, koi pond, pond maintenance, pond filtering, cleaning, painting, carpentry, pools
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, horse jobs, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, estates, homes, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, hostels, boarding kennels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, resorts, plantations, historic homes
Phone (610) 463-5124 - Cell 6104635124
Experianced in cooking, equip. managing,carpentry,plumbing,
[detail] Gold mmib2010 56 retired Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: , home, vehicle, and land maintenence,
Preferences: homes, rv parks, estates, retreats, farms,
Phone (423) 377-3138 - Cell 4233773138
Responsible, experienced , mature international educator
[detail] Gold Barndude 69 Teacher International Schools Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: farm sitting, house sitting, horses, sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, pet care
Preferences: farms, ranches, villas, resorts, horses, cattle, sheep, farm animals, rural
Phone (913) 764-8027 (509) 926-4688
Property Caretaker,Hotel/ B&B or Personal/Family Assistant/Care Giver
[detail] Gold meshabaldwin 49 Property Manager/PA Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Home Stay, Bed and Breakfast, Gift Shop, Cooking and Baking, Book Keeping , Budgeting, painting , light plumbing, some electrical, some fencing, light to medium repairs, pet care farm and home, gardening, child care Just ask
Preferences: Ranch Cook, Nature Retreats , Bed breakfasts, Resorts, Camps, Homes, Hostels, Lodges, RV Parks, Historic Homes, Vacation Property, Home Sitting, Property Sitting, Boarding Kennels
Phone (816) 698-6470 - Cell 8166986470
Experienced Estate Caretaker/Horticulturist in Northern California Wine Country
[detail] Gold drewce23 32 Former Estate Manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Estate management, Caretaking, Horticulture, Farming, Animal Care, Orchards, Tractors
Preferences: Estates, homes, resorts, farms, homesteads, ecological preserves, historic homes, parks
Phone (478) 731-1702 - Cell 4787311702
Estate/Private Ranch Experience, Handyman, Landscape,Transportation and Pet Care
[detail] Gold kuy7886 46 handyman, aerial arborist Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, fencing, home maintenance, resort jobs
Preferences: estates, ranches, and lodges
Phone (806) 662-4468 - Cell 8066624468
Integrity and Honesty - Rancher / Horseman / VIP Protection / Yachtsman
[detail] Gold HorseTracker 62 Horseman, Sustainable Ranching Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Extensive exerience and outstanding service, Ranch Manager, Horse Trainer, VIP and Ranch Protective Services, Cattleman, Off Grid, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Guest Services, Self-sufficiency, Sustainability, Boating, Sailing
Preferences: working ranch, estate, vacant ranch, wilderness, horses, cattle, sustainability, protective services
Phone (719) 221-1819 -
Caretaker with great organizational skills and attention to detail
[detail] Gold desertjungle 65 caretaker, vacation rentals, Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: grounds maintenance, housekeeping, cooking, pet care, book keeping, billing, reservations, vacation rentals, driving, gardening, house sitting, personal assistant, companion, shopper, helper If you dont see it here and are interested, ask
Preferences: private properties, small lodges, bed and breakfasts, homes, retreats, vacation rentals
Can and Will do the Job with Great Attitude
[detail] Gold towrush 54 Semi retired business owner Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: caretaker, property caretakers, property managers, ranch managers, ranch caretakers, mechanical, household managers, grounds maintenance, handyman, maintenance, cooking, cleaning, auto repair, plumbing
Preferences: ranches, farms, estates, parks, rv parks, resorts
Phone (720) 283-8485 -
Rest Assured! Fantastic Caretaker at your service!
[detail] Gold zenken 51 writer/ wellness consultant Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Handyman, gardening, fitness trainer life coach, writer
Preferences: Estates, homes, ranch, resorts
Mobile 9492017589
Ex-ranch foreman , horseman, animal lover and all round handy man needs a job.
[detail] Gold wyocowboy 65 former ranch foreman/caretaker Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Horses, haying, grounds maintenance including hot tub repair and maintenance, vet care for large and small animals, equipment operator, light mechanical on vehicles and equipment, fencing, computer skills
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, horse
Phone (208) 399-2529 - Cell 2083992529
Reliable/Dependable-Self Starter looking for caretaking opportunities
[detail] Gold sxt2000 50 Retired Manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Organizational, Computer, Care Taking,
Preferences: resorts, bed and breakfasts, nature retreats, estate, state parks, forestes, preserves, historic homes, lodges, rv parks
Phone (610) 270-5526 -
Experienced Live-in Caretaker for Elderly Gentleman
[detail] Gold CaretakerRon51 65 Retired Remodeler Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Caretaker, Handyman, Home Maintenance, Gardening, House Sitting, Pet Sitting, Travel Companion
Preferences: Homes, Homesteads, Travel Companion
Well Rounded Experienced 'Professional' Property Caretaker
[detail] Gold Special 59 Estate facilities manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Landscaping, carpentry, , electrcian, plumber, gardener, driver, machanic, groundskeeper , small estate manager
Preferences: Informal estate, camps , suumer homes , resort , farm , ranch, lodges,
Phone (614) 634-8403 -
Energetic Couple with Great Work Ethics
[detail] Gold mike17642002 51 handyman Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: motel general managers hunting club, restaurant managers, handyman, carpentry, housekeeper, cooking, gardening, grounds an home maintenance, painting, plumbling, electrical, pet care, excellent driving records ranch managers, vacation rentals managers,
Preferences: rural areas, ranch cook, resort cook and housekeeping, bed and breakfast, guest ranches, resorts, plantations, homes,
Cell 2294567084
Can handle from property to office
[detail] Gold cferguson 55 horticulturist Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: run back hoe tractors bobcat snow plows Handyman eletric plumbing and carpentry
Phone (502) 295-2679 -
Former Marine has thirteen years as private estate manager/Experienced handyman
[detail] Gold CplArnold_1961 55 Estate Manager/ Caretaker Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, resort management, handyman, ranch management, grounds keeping, ranbch, property manager, facilities maintenance
Preferences: estates, farms, ranches, plantations, parks, homes, ranch jobs
Phone (314) 825-8144 -
Experienced farm manager/natural resource manager/livestock breeder
[detail] Gold JeffandBindyBass 45 Biologist/Farm/Orchard Mgr Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Hawaii
Preferences: farms, ranches, homesteads, ecological preserves, organic farm, parks, plantations, exotic animal farms,
Mobile 8086333087
Outdoor & Animal Enthusiast Caretaker Couple
[detail] Gold knunger09 45 Manager/ Caretaker Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: animal management, boating, book keeping, property management, caretakers, computer skills, couples, ranches, handyman, horse jobs, horses, security, game keepers, financial management, landscaping, typing, livestock, house sitting, gardening, horses
Preferences: ranch jobs, horse jobs, farms, ranches, animal management, handyman, property management, book keeping, gardening, game keepers, fencing, haying, cleaning, house sitting, landscaping, security, livestock, horses, tractors, typing, computer skills, boating
Phone (520) 909-9935 (520) 989-1285
experienced caretaker, landscaper, carpenter, management, livestock, security.
[detail] Gold windwalker66 50 Caretaker, handyman, landscape Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, horse and cattle, ranch work, fencing, home maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, management skills, hospitality, security, game and forest management, hostels,
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, horse jobs, yearound, resorts, farms, ranches, homesteads, homes, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, remote, off grid, boarding kennels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, resorts, historic homes
Experienced customer service couple with full availability and handy skills
[detail] Gold Hheinrich59 58 Coach, realtor, caretaker Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: MT
Preferences: MT
Phone (406) 890-1888 - Mobile 4068901888
Retired facilities and property manager looking for estate property to manage
[detail] Gold hockeyboard13 64 retired facilities manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: building repairs, security, electrical, plumbing, tiling, painting, cats, dogs, computer skills, fencing, handyman, property caretaking, innkeeper, renovating,
Preferences: estates, homes, lodges, historic homes, horse barns, homesteads,
Phone (802) 598-4024 (802) 598-4024 Cell 8025984024
Craftsman and Construction Professional and Business owner Wife...
[detail] Gold carpenterrod 52 project manager, builder Apr 12, 2018
Skills & Experience: Project management, classroom and distance learning professional, small business owner, self employed, professional and DISCREET
Preferences: estates, ranch, gardening, resorts, natural settings, islands, forested lands, desert dry lands, water front, wooded, summer or winter
Phone (231) 590-2200 (231) 590-8585
Trustworthy Caretaker Available
[detail] Gold thompetty1 59 former property manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: light carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, landscaping and gardening, pool care, pet care, small engine maintenance, record keeping, scheduling, general property maintenance
Preferences: private estate, home, ranch, will consider seasonal
Phone (813) 455-5437 -
Seeking Estate/ Farm/ Property/ Facilities/ Grounds Manager position
[detail] Gold veggie_vehicle 48 Buildings and grounds manager May 31, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, horses, cattle, ranch, ranch work, fencing, home maintenance, english, german, innkeepers, bed and breakfasts, resort management, childcare, gardening, farming, pruning, driving, mechanics, chainsawing, chainsaws, retreat, centers
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, farms, orchards, resorts, nature, outdoors, camps, plantations, ecological, parks, forests, seasonal, fulltime,
Phone (413) 717-1225 - Mobile +14137171225
Experienced Caretaker and Manager
[detail] Gold CRUSH123 58 Management Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Management, Property Caretaker, Computer Literate, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Several years experience in tourism
Preferences: Estates, Lodges, Bed and Breakfasts, Farms , Ranches, RV Parks
Seasonal estate caretaker looking for year round position
[detail] Gold rdnglwi 39 caretaker Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: mechanical outdoorsman management
Preferences: estate farm hunt club
Ranch and Residential-Maintenance, Improvements and Caretaking
[detail] Gold Christopher_Y 49 Property Management Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Guest Ranch Maintenence, Property Caretaking, Equipment Operation, Groundskeeping, Flood Irrigation, Resort Maintenance
Preferences: Estates, homes, ranches, resorts, fall jobs, winter jobs
Phone (208) 774-5251 (734) 352-9251 Cell 7343529251
Retired USAF CMSgt seeks remote property Caretaking employment
[detail] Gold ShadowMan 68 Retired Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Mechanical repairs, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, automotive and aircraft repairs, driving, cleaning, grounds maintenance, security, pets, supervising, and tractor operation
Preferences: Remote property
Phone (717) 865-6979 (717) 982-1922 Cell 7179821922
At Your Service - A Mature Couple for Caretaking Jobs In or Near Oshkosh, WI
[detail] Gold smart5446 62 FormerExecChef/Chef Instructor Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: caretaker, caregiver, property caretaker, home care, in home care, food and beverage director, estate manager, bed and breakfast manager, resort manager, cook, chef, food preparation, catering, restaurant, restaurant manager, driver
Preferences: personal chef, in home care, housesitter, home care, inkeeper, estates, bed and breakfasts, resorts, restaurants, catering, nature, retreats, homesteads, estates, homes, camps, state forests, parks, hostels, lodges, resorts, plantations, historic homes, rv parks
Phone (717) 732-9857 - Cell 5172316686
Old enough to have some experience; still young enough to do the job.
[detail] Gold wideopenspaces62 64 former security and correction Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Security, horses, animals, driver, minor maintenance,
Preferences: ranch jobs, horse jobs, ecological preserves, homes, farms
Phone (970) 620-3784 - Cell 9706203784
Young Vibrant Entrepreneurial Couple
[detail] Gold monagraham 43 Retired Business Owner Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: customer service, care taking, management, sales, leadership, fun work, organized, integrity, entrepreneurial, professional, business acumen,
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, storage facilities, bed breakfasts, resorts, retreats, farms, homesteads, homes, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, lodges, plantations, historic homes, motels,
couple with beef cattle and property care taking experience
[detail] Gold JLToler 49 farmer. landscaper.caretakers Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: cattle farm care take couple
Preferences: ranch farm
Cell 3524404063
[detail] Gold ScottP_3 54 Sr. Process Technician Mar 22, 2018
Skills & Experience: adult caretaker, automotive repairs, building repairs, childcare, computer skills, cooking, electrical repairs, English, equipment operator, farming, fencing, grounds keeping, handyman, housekeeping, landscaping, nonsmoker, retired, gardening, welding
Preferences: Homes, Ranches, Estates, Farms, Plantations, Homesteads, Lodges, and the List goes on
Husband & Wife Caretaker/Management Team
[detail] Gold jkumpik 41 Parts specialist Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: agriculture, animal management, automotive repairs, managers, book keeping, grounds maintenance, property caretakers, building repairs, handyman, rv, management skills,
Preferences: North Carolina
Cell 2294123101
Professional Estate/Ranch Couple Seeks Long Term Position
[detail] Gold Mtnsong 39 Estate/Ranch Managers Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Estate caretaker, horse, fencing, heavy equiptment, maintenance, Ranch, Farming , tractor, masonry, painting, livestock, ranch, farm, Spanish , fly fishing, shooting, building farm to table , chef , local food movement , non gmo
Preferences: Estate, ranch, farm, caretaker, livestock , wildlife
Cell 2569973276
Retired Teacher and Husband looking for Caretaker position
[detail] Gold CandaceCaretaker 63 retired teacher Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: horses, maintenance, cooking, general caretaker duties, responsible, DOJ Clearances
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, farm, B and B,
Cell 7028086616
Caretaker, Operator, ranch manager
[detail] Gold blkhorse2 64 Blacksmith,retired builder Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Management, property development , restoration construction, equipment operator, animal care
Preferences: Eugene
Phone (541) 9006-9006 (541) 9006-9006 Fax (541) 9006-541 Mobile 5415209006
Experienced Diverse background to include facilities camp management.
[detail] Gold ssgmotz 57 Resident Property Manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Maintence construction Computer office security housekeeping equipment operation
Preferences: estates homes ranch jobs bed and breakfasts resorts nature retreats farms ranches estates homes ecological preserves camps plantations historic homes
Phone (559) 547-8315 - Mobile 5595478315
Outdoor person, loves animals, horses, dog and cats etc
[detail] Gold gargue 55 horse Ranch owner, Network mgr Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, apartment manager, horse, ranch, ranch work, fencing, home maintenance, innkeepers, Computer experts, accounting, internet etc
Preferences: Loves the outdoors, love animals, farms, ranch, horse ranch state forest, dog training
Phone (831) 262-7636 - Cell 8312627636
Experienced Property Maintenance Technician
[detail] Gold Flintncaplock 62 Maintenance Director, Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, building maintenance, historic building preservation, resort management, vacation rental maintenance, vehicle maintenance, small engine repair, landscape maintenance, gunsmiths, nurse, care giver, security
Preferences: estates, resorts, retreats, lodges, historic homes, camps, full time, permanant job
Cell 5416781208
Self Motivated Hard worker looking for a change of pace and atmosphere
[detail] Gold Nunderwood81 34 General Contractor Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: carpentry, plumbing, landscaping, gardening, animal care, fencing, home maintenance, management skils
Preferences: ranch, farm, resorts, nature retreat, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, plantations, summer jobs, seasonal jobs
Retired Engineer, Responsible, Communicative, Neat, Still Working
[detail] Gold briancare 80 retired executive very active Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Engineer, Retired Executive, Responsible, Computer Literate, Non-Smoker, Reliable
Preferences: Homes, Estates, Historic Homes, Carriage Houses, Condos, Townhomes
Phone (720) 273-7427 - Cell 7202737427
Estate manager, caretaker, ranch manager...hands-on
[detail] Gold Haveskillwilltravel 65 Estate manager,caretaker Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Caretakers, estate managers, ranch manager, construction
Preferences: estates, resorts, ranches, farms
Former Caretakers
[detail] Gold Nfrechette 64 Minister Feb 23, 2018
Phone (248) 505-5582 (248) 505-5582 Fax (248) 505-248 Cell 2485055582
Experienced & Trusted Caretaker
[detail] Gold deoakden 46 Condominum Concierge Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: accounting, book keeping, carpenters, cleaning, computer skills, drivers license, english, handyman, historic homes, innkeepers, maintenance, property caretakers, property caretaking, ranch jobs, retreats, security, stewards, typing, winter jobs, yachts, yard work,
Preferences: Caretakers, Lodgekeepers, Innkeepers
Married team with many years of experience
[detail] Gold TorWolber 56 Facility Maintenance Superviso Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: agriculture, livestock, gardening, mechanical maintenance, electrical, welding, fencing, fabrication, equipment operator, cooking, cleaning, plumbing, horses, cattle, pigs, goats, carpentry, auto maintenance, tractors
Preferences: permanent jobs, lodges, bed and breakfast, ranch jobs, resorts, estates , farms, vineyard, nursery, orchard
Experieced allrounder property/farm manager/foreman caretaker
[detail] Gold JeFeRtu 53 Farm Manager, mining foreman Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Agriculture, construction, management, supervisor, skilled
Preferences: Estates, ranches, farms, nature retreats, ecological farms and preserves, camps, parks, state forests, islands, remote locations
Mobile +27786391067
Stable, active, reliable, early retirees looking for a new challenge.
[detail] Gold pennymgoll 59 Retired Manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Prior management experience of over two hundred employees
Preferences: Estate and retreat properties in warm climate preferred
Phone (630) 936-0440 -
Very Together Fit and Active - Seeking Interesting Engagement
[detail] Gold SafeandSound 68 Writer & Visual Artist Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Skilled Motor Mechanic, Electrician, Construction Foreman, Herdsman, Stockman, Arable Farmer, Horse and Animal Trainer, Property and Personal Security Advisor, coordinator with CWP, Recording and Live Sound Engineer
Preferences: private estates, farms, ranches, horse jobs, country homes
Phone (256) 648-6117 -
Married Couple Seeking Care Taking Position
[detail] Gold KAHofeld 30 Grounds And Maintenance. Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Groundkeeping, farm work, property management, cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, construction, cleaning, cooking, learning ect
Preferences: Farming, gardening, resort, cabins, nature, camping, wilderness
[detail] Gold Chaz_wac 43 business and hospitality man Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: maintenance, housekeeping, light construction, customer service, a little of everything
Phone (541) 647-7493 -
Professional Estate Manager/Gardener seeking opportunity to use expertise
[detail] Gold Rhett44 36 Estate grounds manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Estate grounds manager, estate manager, gardener, home maintenance, horticulture, carpentry, plumbing and irrigation, electric, drywall, roofing, fencing, hardscapes, antiques and art, some Spanish, class b cdl, pesticide herbicide insecticide license
Preferences: Estates, homes, ranches, cabins, parks, historic grounds and homes, plantations
Phone (317) 979-4394 -
Responsible, hardworking, professional wants a couple years to write
[detail] Gold CptSkye 50 Consultant/Retail Manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Cooking, cleaning, leadership, management, mentoring, customer service
Experienced Estate Manager Couple - Highly Trained Chef - Military Veteran
[detail] Gold MitchellFrancis 26 Estate Manager/Military Vet. Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: caretakers, property managers, chef, cook, handyman, carpentry, mechanical, estate managers, driver, project management, varnish, paint, deckhand, bookkeeping,
Preferences: estates, bed and breakfasts, homes, nature retreat, resorts,
Energetic couple with wide range of experience looking for caretaking position
[detail] Gold AudRob 24 Gardener/landscaper/housekeepi Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Caretakers, managers, maintenance, landscaping, gardening, childcare, animals, horses, bookkeeping, housekeeping, farming, couple, cleaning
Preferences: Estates, homes, farms, ranch, bed breakfasts, homestead, horses, gardens, grounds, nature
[detail] Gold TexazTurners 52 Retail Feb 23, 2018
Experienced, married, young, Christian couple
[detail] Gold youngcouple 28 UPS pt Security Supervisor Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: animal management, house sitting, equipment operator, fencing, grounds keeping,
Preferences: animal management, house sitting, equipment operator, fencing, grounds keeping,
Phone (407) 928-8311 (386) 642-2662 Cell 4079288311
Honest, Hard-Working, Dedicated Couple for Caretaking Position
[detail] Gold Photolover326 51 Utilization Testing Associate Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Caretakers, ranch, childcare, gardening, home maintenance, organization, customer service, animal lovers, photography, computer skills,
Preferences: Home, Ranch, nature retreats, homestead, board kennels, lighthouses, camps, resorts,
Cell 8015730082
Experienced Estate Manager & Organic Gardener
[detail] Gold Mariahmn 58 organic gardener & estat Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: estate managers, organic gardeners,
Preferences: estates, lodges, gardens
Hardworking, highly skilled couple available for property mgmt or caretaking
[detail] Gold Kane_Stops 49 Construction Consultant Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: bed and breakfasts, building management, building repairs, caravan parks, rv parks, construction, cooking, cook, chef, couples, gardeners, gardening, groundskeeping, maintenance, handyman, yoga, retreats, , housesitting, housekeeping, housekeepers, painting, permaculture
Phone (470) 234-3795 (678) 5831-5831 Mobile 6788985831
Your Property is my Priorty
[detail] Gold Caretaker_Harvey 28 Owner/Operator of H&P logging Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: heavy equipment operator, plumbing repair, woodworking, farming and gardening, grounds maintenance, snow plowing and removal, proficient with a chainsaw, animal management, barn management, automotive preventative maintenance, boat upkeep, nonsmoker
Preferences: historic homes, farms, ranches, snow jobs, beaches and the ocean, mountain areas, winter jobs, plantations, resorts, homesteads, hostels, lodges
Mobile 9012621559
Private Property Caretaking Team
[detail] Gold toddboetzel 48 Construction/Landscape Const Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: animal management, electrical, carpentery, landscaping, mechinal, plumbing, irrigation systems, low voltage, hvy equip op, state certified fire fighter, cpr certification, Class A CDL license, boaters safety cert, small engine repair, welder, hospitality
Preferences: Private estate, ranch, permanent position
Self-Reliant, Dependable
[detail] Gold plantdrlady 67 horticulturist Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: annual flower gardens, caregiving, caretaker, computer skills, cooking, couples, disabled person care, dogs, driver, english, equipment operator, estate manager, farming, garden maintenance, gardening, grounds keeping, grounds maintenance,
Preferences: live in property caretaker country setting, estates, homes, ranch jobs, farms, ranches, homesteads, estates, homes, state forests, parks, plantations, historic homes
Navy Veteran looking for outdoor position
[detail] Gold jaybird0930 62 retired military Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Horse care, dog sitter, grounds cleanup, house sitting, security, snow removal electrical
Preferences: animal care, outdoor maintenance, minor plumbing,
Cell 9282414529
With My Twenty-Five Years of Experience, Your Property Will Be in Good Hands
[detail] Gold CaretakerFam 34 Handyman Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: gardening, lawn care, repairs, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, painting, heavy machinery, power tools, animal care, property caretakers, estate managers, home maintenance, resort management, handyman, landscaping, grounds keeping, administrative
Preferences: estates, homes, resorts, farms, camps, lodges, historic homes, year round jobs
Experienced professional horse / hunting couple
[detail] Gold huntingcouple 56 Former Professional Huntsman Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: Horses, Dogs , Hounds, Deer, Game, Property, Cleaning, Fox- Hunting
Preferences: Estates, Hunting, Horses, Kennels, Farms
Married Residential Construction Company Owner & French Teacher, Experienced CT
[detail] Gold ChrisnCrystal 62 Owner Residential Construction Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: residential construction, project management, some plumbing and electrical, tree work, farming, cooking, teaching, childcare, English, French, some German, introductory Spanish, horse care, dog training, bookkeeping, bee keeping, cooking for good health,
Preferences: estates, historic homes, plantations, resorts, travel, new experiences
Phone (207) 542-0339 (207) 354-6777 Mobile 2075420339
Experienced married caretaker team
[detail] Gold Klarissaha 32 Mother, former nursing assista Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: adult caretakers, agriculture, animal management, property caretakers, estate managers, home maintenance, childcare, cooking, ranch work, Spanish, innkeepers, bed and breakfasts
Preferences: Estates, homes, ranch jobs, bed and breakfasts, resorts, farms, ranches, homesteads, lodges
Eighteen yrs mountain hot springs (private&commercial) mgmt and caretaking
[detail] Gold mountaincare 41 Caretaker/Hot Spring Manager Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: business management, construction, forestry, animal management
Preferences: hot springs, mountains, salary, housing, natural settings, nature retreats, scientific field sites
Navy retired Seabee and wife with excellent background in maintenance/managerial
[detail] Gold Gluttings 44 Retired U.S. Navy Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: basic appliance, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, auto repair, lawn maintenance, book keeping, cleaning, handyman
Preferences: permanent, year round
Artist With Management, Restaurant & Event Planning Background
[detail] Gold SNphoto7 33 Photographer Feb 23, 2018
Skills & Experience: bed and breakfasts, resorts, ranch, farm, beach, boats, caretakers, estate manager, property caretakers, summer retreats, yacht, management skills, artist, photographer, marketer, computer skills, animal care, cooking, tour guides, innkeepers, couple
Preferences: Estates, homes, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, hostels, boarding kennels, lodges, plantations, historic homes, schools, teaching, beach, river, lake
Phone (267) 760-6284 -
[detail] Gold jw_finch 45 Property/Project Manager Feb 23, 2018
Don't let my age fool you...I'm healthy, energetic and multi talented
[detail] Trial CaretakerNancy 56 Admin Assist/Scheduler Jan 1, 2011
Skills & Experience: AP, AR, Payroll, caretaking, caregiving, computer skills, some construction, management skills, executive housekeeping skills, payroll exp, medical background
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, animals, bb, nature retreats, farms, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forest and parks, lodges, historic homes, caravan parks, wildlife preserves
Twenty plus years Estate Manager
[detail] Trial dmarsh 46 Estate Manager Apr 27, 2011
Skills & Experience: Manager, construction, boats, horses, estate, housekeeping, events, SmartHome, cattle, garden, vehicles, child, pet, care, special needs, security
[detail] Trial pauljc3 61 skillcraftsman Jun 7, 2013
Skills & Experience: skillcraftsman
Preferences: skillcraftsman
[detail] Trial charmer 49 Quality Assurance inspector Sep 23, 2013