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Details for User Name forestecho









Date job posted or renewed: January 20,2018  




Period Caretaking Position is available: 12 months  


From:   May 31,2018










Caretaking Job is available in Location:


Country: United States  


State:   Vermont


County/District: Rutland County  














City: Mt. Holly  











City/Town Area: Rural 400 acre property  
























Caretaker for Rural Vermont Property  




Reliable, rugged and personable couple, family,
companions or individual to care for a rural
property: five rustic buildings, two lakes on
four hundred acres surrounded by protected land.
Duties include equipment, water system and
building maintenance, mowing, firewood, snow
removal, rental cabin preparation and cleaning.
Greet, orient and support renters through rental
season; provide security during off season. Strong
communication skills required for interaction with
renters, corporation members, contractors and
local community. Self-starting and organizational
skills required for project management. The
property is isolated, with exquisite scenery and
abundant wildlife.
DUTIES- Act as on-site host for renters: greet and
orient renters, and resolve problems; Cabin
preparation, cleaning and turnaround; Mowing
/Clearing/Edging; Equipment maintenance
(mechanical, motorized, solar, water system); Snow
removal from cabin roofs and Caretaker parking
spot; Start up and close down water systems;
Maintain communication with members, contractors,
and affiliated organizations; Community liaison;
Security; Routine building checks during winter;
Replenish firewood supply at the Barn; Cut, split
and deliver firewood to all buildings.
REQUIREMENTS-Strong skills in maintenance and
repair work, carpentry, plumbing, mechanics; Good
communication skills; Experience with equipment
used for logging and firewood cutting and with the
use of tractor and snowplow; Comfort with
non-traditional water systems and with life in a
rugged, isolated natural setting; Ability to lift
lbs.; Live on site; Adherence alcohol and
tobacco policy; U.S. citizen or legal status; A
reliable vehicle with snow tires; Cross country
skis or snowshoes to get to and from cabins in
deep snow; A cell phone.
COMPENSATION - Personal use of furnished
apartment; Propane and kerosene; Limited solar
electricity; Compensation for some firewood
splitting and delivery; Stipend.  













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