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Details for User Name Muz100









Date job posted or renewed: February 20,2018  




Period Caretaking Position is available: permanent  


From:   May 1,2114










Caretaking Job is available in Location:


Country: United States  


State:   New York
















City: Lexington  











City/Town Area: Ski/vacation/2nd home/ rural  
























Couple wanted for 400 acres farm in catskill park. Might be Heaven!  




If you are a self starters,are in love with
wildlife and hunting,and are
country folks at your core. This is a Good Job
for you. If the answer
to any of these is no stop reading now.

Thank you for your interest in our year round
live in caetakers
position. Now that we know that you are good ole
country folk. I
will give you a brief run down on what the
positions responsibilities
are, along with the compensation.

The job is days a week hours per day
Starting May Through
Nov th. Responsibilites: General Mantainence of
the house, barn,
and two horse stalls. Mow lawn, around lake and
ponds,keep fields
and several small wild apple orchards open and
maintained. Become
familiar with and Maintain -a forestry
Management Plan, Cut
and split around cord of wood for house and
barn. Post and
maintain Property Boundery. Maintainence Farm
truck, Tractor,
Yamaha Rhino ,Lawn mower, Chain saw, generators,
weed eaters
Etc. Feed and care for live stock.
Currently The the only member of our family
that occupies the
property is my mother. Generally She will reside
there from Late
June to mid November, Approx Months At which
time she requires
basic House cleaning days a week of her /
living space and on
occasion some help with clean up of dinner when
she entertains
when she does not require your help Balance of
time to be spent
Maintaincing and beautifying the Property.


This is a ski area and seasonal jobs are
availible you may seek
other employ from november to may if you so
provide your housing,one phone utilities(no
Cable) # . per
week year round. Rent and utilities are valued at
$ . /month
r $ , /year plus $ , = $ , /year. For
there are
aproximately work days = hours or
$ /hour.There is no
commute,we provide a truck and fuel for farm
supplies and Peacful
farm Living. It's our families hope to find a
Couple Who will grow to
love this place as much as we do and take a
interst in enhancing the
Property and its wildlife. We would love to raise
some sort of live
stock for Profit but need to find the right
couple. We are willing to
share the wealth.