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Available From:   May 27,2018










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We are an engaged couple age 44 and 48, very fit,
healthy and young for our age and have just
started looking into retirement possibilities.
We are currently Federal employees considering
retirement. He is a higher ranking law
enforcement agent and she is an executive
assistant in the federal government. He has
been working in federal law enforcement for 26
years and is now eligible to retire. We both
have government clearances, his Top Secret, and
are very trustworthy. And also goes without
saying, do not have a criminal record. His
position even after retiring, having been a
federal agent, also gives him the ability to
carry a concealed weapon in any location in the
U.S., including places where most people are
unable, in places like NYC.

Although we don’t possess “official” experience
as a “Domestic Couple” we do have some very
specific experience that is very closely related
to this position that might make us a good fit
for your family.