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Achieve your goals and discover unlimited opportunities by registering to become a caretaker with Consider the options it could open for you.



  • The money you save would compound into a tremendous down payment towards your own home or property
  • Eliminating your rent expense helps you meet your financial objectives like starting a business, saving for tuition, or helping with family obligations.
  • Leave the rat race behind, with its crime pollution and other urban blight problems.
  • You could Learn self-reliance and survival skills so you are prepared when you buy your own property
  • Retirees can economically travel and explore the world.
  • designed the registration process to be convenient, simple, and effective. Our database attracts many property owners through search engine submissions, newspaper articles, Ezine advertising, and Internet marketing strategies.  You could be offered your ideal caretaker position  today.



  • Our on-line registration allows your criteria to be viewed instantly by property owners.
  • Your personal information remains confidential until both parties agree to disclose it.  This is left to you and the property owner’s discretion.
  • Our technology gives you the control of updating your profile in real time.  There is no waiting period.  When you receive an assignment simply update your availability dates to start the next search.
  • We protect your confidentiality by enabling you to communicate with potential property owners through secure message boxes identified only by your personally chosen user name.  It is for you to decide when you disclose your personal information. 
  • As property owners do not send you emails, you are shielded from receiving computer virus’s. Your messages from property owners are retrieved through our online message system protecting you from virus infection.
  • You email address is not displayed on our site.  It is safe from spammers, who’s harvest robots travel the internet collecting email addresses. Nor is your email address sold or given to 3rd parties as promised in our  Privacy Policy 
  • We offer automatic email notification of new caretaker jobs. This keeps you updated as new caretaker positions are added in your area. We email you the place, start date and duration.
  • Following registration you will gain access to our online report “Maximising your chances of finding a caretaker job”. This report draws on years of matching experience.

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      When you register you will be immediately added to our Search page.  Property owners will be able to send you a message to solicit a possible match.  Our email notification of the message will include: Caretaking Job place, start date and duration. If this interests you simply upgrade to a full membership for $29.00 US per year to reply to the message. 

      The trial means you can wait and see if you receive any enquiries before upgrading.  Other services ask for an up front fee - and you may not even get a single enquiry through them.

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