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Caretaking is a win for property caretakers and property owners

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    Earn 50% commission for Caretakers who take out full membership

    Property Caretaking is a booming popular trend worldwide. Acquiring the services of a caretaker decreases the risk of theft. Caretaking is an interesting and varied profession for: people wanting change in lifestyle; retirees looking for a change in scenery; and city escapees searching for new opportunities to save money.

    You can benefit from this trend by earning 50% commission on each caretaker membership upgrade that you refer. Caretakers join for a free  trial, but must upgrade to full membership (US$29.00/year) to read secure messages sent by Preoperty owner members. Your commission per sale will be US$12.90 (that is 50% of our net sale, after deducting Clickbank charges.) just for sending interested caretakers to our web site.

    Our affiliate program is administered by Clickbank (who process all our upgrade payments), ensuring you receive commission for all referrals who purchase at Clickbank within 90 days of their first visit.

    Step 1 Start sending prospects from your web site using the following clickbank hop link

    ClickBank pays a 50% commission for every paying customer you refer to

    To refer a customer, simply send them through this special link:

    Be certain to replace XXXXX with your own ClickBank nickname.

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    Clickbank will keep track of your referrals and credit your account with your commission.  If your customer upgrades to full membership in the next 90 days, you earn a commission.

    Clickbank will automatically send you an email each time you make a sale. You can check your statistics on number of referrals (click through) and sales at your clickbank account page.

    Step 2 - Promotion

    You may use our resources below to promote the program.

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    It helps to add your own personal touch. We have also made available our Logo, which is very well received.

Use our Logo

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  Change XXXXX to your chosen Clickbank nickname.

 Click here to Find a Caretaker
  Click here to Become a Caretaker.

It is important to send both caretakers and property owners. Property owners  will send messages to caretakers. This will encourage caretakers  to upgrade to full membership (and you earn your commission).

OR Increase your appeal and commission by Promoting  all three of our Matching websites:

Your pets will miss you but their environment remains intact. Visiting pet sitting services while you are away.

Housesitting is a win for the home owner and the housesitter.

Life as a property caretaker has unique rewards not found in a regular job




Click here to Find a Pet Sitter
Click here to become a Pet Sitter

Click here to Find a Housesitter
Click here to become a housesitter

Click here to Find a Caretaker
Click here to become a Caretaker

Use following referal urls: Insert your clickbank url in all three /caretakers

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